lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009


Last night I dreamt about your blue eyes across the Italian sunflower fields; and nothing else just the essence of our love compressed in that magical moment. But today when I woke up I noticed that dreams are just dreams. Then, the spell has gone.

What about the distance between two lovers, from the Mexico City chaos, to the Ulm freezing life. What about the seven hours, on which the time is a fusion of sensuality and desire a fragment of the constellation suspended in our bodies, a travel in reverse through my underground dreams.

There we go again rebuilding the warmness of the summer...

Eight o’clock- head ache

Continues beating, pain doesn’t stop
Inside my underground dreams, sparkles cover the atmosphere producing a dizzying sensation. Nausea, The roller coaster increases the speed but I´m lost completely lost…

Eleven o´clock -head ache

Continues beating, pain doesn’t stop. Can we turn the scene into a frigid winter day?

Pseudo words
Pseudo writer
Pseudo psycho


Time goes by, and my skin is getting older, there’s no way to turn back. It´s now a fulfill travel, the road is broken and all the passengers have already closed their eyes. The winter is blowing, the direction ….west, let´s go to the west. It´s time to close my eyes.

Since this moment my underground dreams will guide me, all I need is a one formula.

Contemplation + artistic creation+ madness= the essence of the human being.


Welcome to the other side...

PS: Viva la vida .... love u Blue eyes (enjoy the sunflowers)

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